2024 Game Room Trends: Turn Your Esport Logo into a 3D Light Box

What is Custom 3D Printed Light Box?

A custom 3D printed light box is a 2024 modern decorative piece that incorporates colorful printing  to create a visually striking display. Typically, it involves printing a colorful pattern or design onto a material that can be illuminated from behind, resulting in a vibrant and dynamic visual effect when lit up. The 3D printed light box allows for intricate designs and customizable features, making it an appealing option for personalizing spaces such as bedrooms, game rooms, or business.

Why You Need a 3D Printed Light Box to  decor your Gaming Room

In 2024, our 3D lightbox is an essential addition to your gaming room decor. It features customizable esport logos that illuminate with vibrant colors and crisp lines when activated. Unlike traditional flat displays, this lightbox showcases your logo in stunning 3D, enhancing the ambiance of your gaming space and emphasizing your personal gaming identity.

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Original Price

Discount  Price 30% off

Longest side < 13 inch

 $ 89

$ 62.3

Longest side < 16 inch

$ 119

$ 83.3

Longest side < 19 inch

$ 139

$ 97.3

Longest side < 21 inch

$ 179

$ 125.3


The side-edge lighting of the product not only enhances its three-dimensional effect but also elevates the sensory experience. It is perfect for updating game rooms or other commercial decorations. Utilizing overlay printing technology, it ensures that your logo's colors are faithfully reproduced. Whether illuminated or turned off, it serves as an excellent showcase for your unique esport logo.

【Side-lit light color options】