Choosing the Perfect Size Neon Sign for Your Wedding

Choosing the Perfect Size Neon Sign for Your Wedding

Neon signs have become a popular trend in wedding décor, adding a touch of glamour and personalization to the big day. They are not only visually striking but also versatile, as they can be customized to display names, phrases, or symbols that hold special meaning to the couple. However, when it comes to neon signs for weddings, one important question arises: What size neon sign should you choose? In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of selecting the right size and provide guidance to help you make the perfect choice for your wedding.

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But How to Choosing the Perfect Size

Selecting the appropriate size for your neon sign is crucial to achieve the desired impact without overwhelming the space. Here are some detailed consideration:

  1. Venue Size and Layout: The size of your venue plays a significant role in determining the appropriate size of the neon sign. For larger spaces, you can opt for a larger sign to ensure it's visible from various angles. Conversely, smaller venues may require a more modest-sized sign to avoid overpowering the space.

  2. Theme and Style: Consider the overall theme and style of your wedding. A sleek and modern neon sign may call for a different size than a rustic or vintage-themed wedding. Ensure the sign complements the overall décor and doesn't clash with the style you've chosen.

  3. Readability and Aesthetic Appeal: While it's essential to choose a size that's visually appealing, readability should not be compromised. Make sure that the text or design on the sign is clear and easily discernible from a distance. Striking the right balance between aesthetics and functionality is key.

Common Size Options

There are various size options when it comes to neon signs for weddings. Here are some common choices and their advantages:

  • Small Signs: These are typically around 20-25 inches in width. They work well as table centerpieces, photo booth backdrops, or accent pieces. Small signs add a touch of charm and are ideal for intimate weddings.

  • Medium Signs: Ranging from 25-35 inches in width, medium-sized neon signs are versatile and can be placed as a focal point above the sweetheart table or as an entrance statement piece.

  • Large Signs: If you have a spacious venue and want to make a grand statement, consider a large neon sign with a width exceeding 35 inches. These signs are perfect for creating a dramatic impact and are often placed as a backdrop for the entire reception area.


Personalization and Customization

One of the unique aspects of neon signs is their customization potential. You can personalize your sign with your names, wedding date, or a meaningful phrase. This personal touch adds sentimental value and makes the sign truly yours.


We hope this size guide has been helpful in your quest for the ideal neon sign for your wedding.